2021 Summer Conference

June 6th – June 9th, 2021

Embassy Suites Jonesboro
223 Red Wolf Boulevard
Jonesboro AR, 72401



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2021 Winter Conference

The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association was able to safely host the 2021 Winter Conference at the Little Rock Marriott and Statehouse Convention Center on January 24-27th. We appreciate Governor Asa Hutchinson for being our Guest speaker for Tuesday Luncheon. We were happy to have Lt. Kevin F. Dillon with LOCKUP police training system, JaNan Thomas and Camille Neemann with AAC Litigation Counsel for the awesome training courses. And of Couse we could not have hosted this event without all our vendors and event sponsors.

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Wives Scholarship Application


Arkansas Sheriffs Wives Association
Instructions for Scholarship Application 2021
Qualifications for those seeking scholarship: 

  1. Planning to attend college, graduate school, technical school or other qualifying education institution in Arkansas Fall Semester 2021
  2. Proof academic merit via attached transcript (applications without a transcript will be disqualified) 
  3. High school graduate or equivalent (attached proof is required)

Must be the dependent child, step-child, or adopted child of a current Arkansas Sheriff or sworn full-time deputy serving in the State of Arkansas.

Instructions for those completing a FIRST TIME application:

ALL parts of the application MUST be completed and submitted in an adequate time frame to allow receipt by the deadline (April 15th). Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  Please do not spend the extra money on priority mail unless the deadline is fast approaching. Do not send via certified mail. The Scholarship Committee will not make trips to the post office to pick up any applications sent via certified mail. 

Please type or print LEGIBLY in ink. (If we can’t read your handwriting, your application will be disqualified)  Attach the following to complete the application:

 Two character reference letters. One MUST be from a county employee other than a relative (such as a deputy, judge, or sheriff that can attest that you are deserving of this award and will use it responsibly).

A biographical essay including family history and educational background, financial need, and other pertinent information about yourself including your desired course of study. (one page or less)

Mail completed application with required attachments to:

Tonya Boyd
5312 Wilkinson
Jonesboro, AR 72404


A completed application MUST BE RECEIVED BY April 15, 2021. Late applications will NOT be considered. Scholarships will be announced in May and checks awarded in June or July, pending receipt of proof of enrollment.  Emailed proof of enrollment will NOT be accepted.

Please note that proof of enrollment will be required prior to your award distribution. The proof of enrollment deadline is by July 31st.  If your proof of enrollment has not been received by then, no award money will be sent.

What this means: Your award will be announced via email in May, and your actual award check will be mailed when proof of enrollment for the Fall ’21 Semester is received. This needs to be in the form of a schedule of Fall ’21 classes from your college, trade school or university.

NOTE:  Check for your award notification in your spam email if you have not received it via regular email by the end of May.  Do NOT contact your sheriff or sheriff’s wife.

Proof of Enrollment
Mail as soon as available (or along with application if possible too) 

Tonya Boyd
5312 Wilkinson Rd
Jonesboro, AR 72404

*Please do NOT contact your sheriff or sheriff’s wife to inquire about your award.  As stated previously, your award will NOT be mailed until your proof of enrollment for Fall ’21 is received.  This award is intended to be applied toward the Fall ’21 semester, therefore it may be the end of July or the first of August before all awards are issued.  

*IF you receive notification in May that you will be receiving an award, AND you have sent in proof of enrollment for Fall 2020, but you have not received your award by AUGUST- please notify Tonya Boyd via the email address that you received your notification from.

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2020 ASA Red Ribbon Grant Recipients

Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association promoting Drug-Free lives
“Be Smart Don’t Start”

Woodruff County
McCrory Elementary

Sheriff Phil Reynolds presenting ASA Red Ribbon Grant to
Ava Simmons, School Counselor

Sheriff Phil Reynolds with 5th grade students and counselor.

Mississippi County
Armorel Elementary School

Sheriff Dale Cook had the honor in presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant. *pictured L to R: Superintendent Tiffany Morgan, Counselor Kellie Gilliam, Sheriff Dale cook, and Elementary Principal Joey Carr.

Calhoun County
Hampton High & Elementary School

Sheriff Vernon Morris presents the ASA Red Ribbon Grant to School Resource Officer Terry Clark.
*pictured L to R: Principal Bryan Sanders, Sheriff Morris, SRO Terry Clark, Superintendent Doug Worley and Principal Tom Sawyer.

Pope County
Dover Elementary School

Sheriff Shane Jones had the honor in presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant.

Russellville Intermediate School

Sheriff Shane Jones presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant to Russellville Intermediate School.

Pulaski County
Mills Middle School

Sheriff Eric Higgins presents the ASA Red Ribbon Grant to Principal Dr. E. Lisa Watson.
*pictured L to R: (front row) Principal Dr. E. Lisa Watson, Sheriff Higgins, Lead Counselor wright, (back row) Students, Sgt. Willie Davis and Sgt. Deshaun Thomas.

Central Arkansas Montessori

*Left Picture: Teachers Ms. Lysa and Ms. Deana with Students
*Right Picture: Teaches Ms. Brittany, Director Connie Gardner, staff and students.

Polk County
Holly Harshman Elementary

Sheriff Scott Sawyer had the honor in presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant.
*pictured L to R: Chief Deputy Randy Jewell, Counselor Vicki Maye, Principal Tamara Smart, Sheriff Sawyer and Behavior Interventionalist Ashlyn Watts.

Lincoln County
Jimmy Brown Elementary School

Sheriff Leonard Hogg (center) had the honor in presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant to Mary Beth Gardner (left) and Jessica Hutson (right).

Pike County
South Pike County Elementary

Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy Wayne Epperly (left) and Deputy Greg Harmon (right) presented the ASA Red Ribbon Grant to James Riley, Counselor (center).

Centerpoint Elementary & Middle School

Pike county deputies had the honor of presenting the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association Red Ribbon Grant. *pictured L to R: Chief Deputy Greg Harmon, Counselor Jacenda Smith, Lt. Wayne Epperly and
SRO Michael Massey.

Scott County
Waldron Middle School

Scott County Sheriff Randy Shores presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant to Counselor Laura Fielding and Principal Chris Lipham

Poinsett County
Harrisburg Elementary School

Sheriff Kevin Molder had the honor in presenting the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association Red Ribbon Grant to Counselor Christy Buchanan with Harrisburg Elementary

Grant County
Sheridan Elementary

Presenting the ASA Red Ribbon Grant was Sheriff Ray Vance. Pictured Left to right: SRO Joe Scott, Principal Melisa Brown, Deputy Pete Roberts, Sheriff Vance and Counselor Lindsey Bohler

Columbia County
Emerson Public Schools

Counselor Queria Ademui accepted the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association Red Ribbon Grant from Sheriff Mike Loe.
*pictured left to right: Deputy Jordan, Sheriff Mike Loe, Counselor Queria Ademui and Principal Jim Deloach.

Van Buren County
South Side Bee Branch High School

Sheriff Lucas Emberton presented the ASARR Grant to High School Counselor Amy Wilson.

Crawford County
James R. Tate Elementary

Sheriff Ron Brown had the honor in presenting the ASARR Grant, (left to right) SRO Robin Kuykendall, Assistant Principal Michelle Shipman, Sheriff Brown, and Principal Robert Childers.

Izard County
Melbourne High School

Chief Deputy Charley Melton presenting the ASARR Grant to Sponsor Kristy Sanders.
*Pictured L to R: Eli Harrell, Lexi Cowan, Riley Gray, Chief Deputy Charley Melton, Sponsor Kristy Sanders, Lexi Hobson, Johnna Englehardt, and Kailtlyn Johnson.

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2020 Sheriff’s Meeting /Training

2020 Sheriff’s Meeting/Training Recap August 7th, 2020

Little Rock, Arkansas

Executive Board Meeting
Executive Board Meeting
Executive Board Meeting
Sheriff James Singleton (ASA President), Scott Bradley (Director, ASA), Sheriff Ron Brown (ASA Immediate Past President)
Chris Villines (Executive Director, AAC), Kirk Lane (Arkansas Drug Director)
Chris Villines ( Executive Director, AAC) Debbie Wise ( President, AAC) Sheriff James Singleton (President, ASA) Sheriff Ron Brown (Immediate Past President, ASA)
Debra Inman (Department of Human Services)
Sheriff Eric Higgins (Pulaski County)
Sheriff James Single, Sheriff Ron Brown
Jami Cook (Secretary, Department of Public Safety)
Sheriff Marty Boyd (Craighead County)
Sheriff Ron Brown
Scott Bradley (Director, ASA)
Sheriff Scott Sawyer (Polk County)
Sheriff Kevin Molder (Poinsett County)
Scott Bradley (Executive Director, ASA) Sheriff Ron Brown (Immediate Past President)
Sheriff Jeff Yates (Lawrence Co.)
Sheriff Terry Miller (Clay Co.)
ASA President Sheriff James Singleton
(Hempstead County)
Swearing in of President James Singleton
Soloman Graves (Chief of Staff at Arkansas Department of Corrections)
Sheriff Tim Helder and his wife, Holly (Washington County)
Chris Villines (Executive Director, AAC), Debbie Wise (President, AAC), Sheriff Tim Helder (Washington County) Scott Bradley (Executive Director, ASA)
Sheriff Tim Helder (Washington County), Scott Bradley (Director, ASA)
Mark Whitmore (AAC), Sheriff Bryan McJunkins (Howard County), Sheriff Holloway (Benton County)
The wives event. They enjoyed their time by painting two pillows.
Swearing In of the board
(Left to Right)
Sheriff Tim Ryals (Faulkner Co.), Sheriff Rodney Wright (Saline Co.), Sheriff Shane Jones (Pope Co.), Sheriff John Staley (Lonoke Co.), Sheriff Mike Low (Columbia Co.), Sheriff Marty Boyd (Craighead Co.), Sheriff Dale Cook (Mississippi Co.)
Sheriff David West (Cross Co.) Sheriff Phil Reynolds (Woodruff Co.)
Sheriff Phillip Miller (White Co.)
Swearing In of the board
(Left to Right)
Sheriff Tim Ryals (Faulkner Co.), Sheriff Rodney Wright (Saline Co.), Sheriff Shane Jones (Pope Co.), Sheriff John Staley (Lonoke Co.), Sheriff Mike Low (Columbia Co.), Sheriff Marty Boyd (Craighead Co.), Sheriff Dale Cook (Mississippi Co.)