The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association (ASA) is comprised of 75 Sheriffs from across the state who proudly serve and protect the citizens of Arkansas. Our Association website features up-to-date information on activities and programs of the ASA and relevant issues concerning law enforcement.

The ASA holds a summer and winter convention every year to offer Sheriffs the opportunity to elect board members, discuss the status of the ASA, and to assist each other with different issues such as – new laws, equipment, procedures, crime prevention, and other relative topics. The Association also offers various training throughout the year to assist Sheriffs and their Deputies in protecting and serving the citizens of the great state of Arkansas.


The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association Honor Guard is an organization made up of deputies from all over Arkansas who have volunteered their time to serve as stewards to law enforcement functions throughout the State. These deputies are tireless in their efforts to bring a formal sense of unity from law enforcement officers to funerals of deceased officers, law enforcement graduations, and various other events that call upon services of the ASA Honor Guard throughout the year.


Your license plate. It’s an expense you can count on year in and year out. So why not make your money count with an Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association License Plate? With an ASA License Plate, 75% of your purchased funds will go directly to the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Wives’ Scholarship Fund. The ASA Wives’ Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to children of Arkansas Sheriffs or sworn Deputies serving in the State of Arkansas. What about the other 25% of those funds? The other 25% will benefit the Fallen Law Enforcement Officers’ Beneficiary Fund, which provides financial assistance to the families of Fallen Law Enforcement Officers. 

So that means that 100% of your yearly planned expense can go to a great cause! Contact your local DMV today and order your new ASA License Plate!

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Executive Administrative Assistant

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