The ASA Staff runs programs throughout the school year to teach drug prevention to the youth of Arkansas. There is a program designed for K-3, 4-6th, 7-8th and 9th-12th.  If your school or organization is interested in having the team do a program in your area please contact the Association. With the help of your Sheriff, the ASA strives to reach out and help the youth in our great state make the right choice to JUST SAY NO!
MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the drug program is to provide children, K-12, with the information they need to live the best drug free life as possible. We aim to provide skills that lead to better decision making and a healthier life.

Preschool-3rd Grade

Gain an understanding of things can harm you if you eat or touch it.
Learn who to Call when you are hurt or in trouble.
Understanding the 3 ABC’s to living a happy healthy life.

4th Grade – 6th Grade

Learn various drugs and their categories (prescription, legal, illegal). Learn the harmful effects of drugs. Along with long-term or short-term consequences. Other ways to feel “Happy”

7th Grade- 8th Grade

Ability to understand addiction and the possible different outcomes. Understanding of the harmful effects of vaping. Discussion about alternatives and how to obtain long-term alternatives. Build confidence needed to overcome peer pressure.

9th Grade – 12th Grade

Legal consequences of abusing drugs and alcohol. Laws regarding minor in possession and DUI. Learning the harmful effects of vaping. Build confidence needed to overcome peer pressure.
The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association seeks to educate children, k-12, across the state of Arkansas about the negative effects and possible life changing impact that results from drug use and drug abuse. The ASA strives to help build the confidence within children in our local communities, giving them the tools to say “No” when approached with decisions coming to the use of drugs, alcohol and vaping. We teach this through informational presentations, audience participation scenarios, confessional videos, and local statistics all while having fun and making memories. The ASA strives to include the local Sheriffs, deputies and SRO’s when available in hopes to building a positive relationship within the communities.

Be Smart Don't Start !

Be Smart Don’t Start is a program utilized by the ASA to teach children about the dangers of vaping, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs of abuse. Junior Deputy Max (mascot), and the Be Smart Don’t Start lecturers travel throughout Arkansas presenting programs to Kindergarten through Twelfth grade students. The ASA Drug Program reaches over 10,000 children each year. This information focuses on educating these students about the effects and consequences of drug use. If you would like for The ASA Drug Program to come to your school, please contact The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association.

Meet the Drug Program Coordinator


Drug Program Coordinator

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